Website Resources’s (Web Passive Income) have two main focusses. The first is to setup a profitable passive income website and the second is to share with the blog’s readers how it was done. As part of this transparent approach it is prudent of me to share the website resources I am using.

Website Resources used to create the web passive income blog


Some of the links below are affiliate links. Clicking on the links will cost you nothing but could result in a small commission being paid to me by the vendor if the link results in a sale. This blog is not about persuading you to buy any of the affiliate products but rather to tell you which products I find helpful. If any of the links do interest you it would however be appreciated if you do click though the provided link as it will help us to pay the bills. Make sure that the recommended website resources will be useful to you prior to committing to an affiliated product.

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How to Start a WordPress Blog

My list of Website Resouces


We all need a server to store our data on.


I use the HostGator servers to host most of my websites. HostGator is global and have excellent uptime, great after sales service and is easy setup to get your website up and running in no time.


Personally I rate Bluehost up there with HostGator. If I haven’t found hostGator first I may have hosted all my websites at Bluehost.

I have developed a post with step by step instructions on how to signup to Bluehost and how to install a WordPress blogging platform. See my post: How to Start a Blog: Setting up a New WordPress Blog.


I have found that using a blogging platform for your website provides me with a powerful easy to use tool to setup professional websites with almost no requirement for advance coding knowledge.


WordPress is the leading blogging platform. I use WordPress on all my blogs not just because it is free but also because it is easy to install, easy to setup, and come will loads of support.

Affiliate Networking


Skimlinks is an highly recommended affiliate network site which I run in conjunction with my other affiliate networks. Skimlinks is very different, in comparison to other affiliate networks, in that you do not have to place the affiliate links on your site. Smart systems detect possible affiliate merchant products in your content and automatically convert the detected link into an affiliate link.


Clickbank is a powerful online affiliate program to either sell your digital products through or to get products to sell on your website.


PayDotCom is an online affiliate program on which you can market your online products or where you can get products to promote as an affiliate marketer.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is very good affiliate marketing source to get digital and physical products to sell on your website. Selling products trough Commission Junction could be pricy.

Payment Gateways


Paypal is a global system to handle your online transactions. It is easy to use and can be incorporate in just about all the online commercial packages.

Keywords Research

Google Keywords Tool

Google Keyword Tool is free and give you information about the traffic potential of a keyword and how much competition there is for the keyword.

Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis adds functionality to keywords research. It is my favourite keywords research tool. I use this packages daily.

Keyword Canine 2.0

Keyword Canine 2.0 is certainly the most impressive keywords tools that I have ever seen. It has got two main areas to it. It has got an impressive keyword research tool but impressed me the most is the niche site finding tool. The Keyword Canine 2.0 tool can be obtained through this link at a discounted price - $50 below normal retail.

Webpage Optimization


SEOProfiler in my opinion is the ultimate webpage optimization tool. It delivers results using only good search engine optimization techniques. There is not a post or page that I do not analyse with SEOProfiler.

E-mail Marketing


GetResponse is an excellent way to retain clients by sending them e-mails using an automated system.

List Eruption 2.0

The fastest and easiest way to build lists for e-mail marketing. This software can be integrated with most popular auto-responders

Advertising/Promoting products

Bing Ads

Bing Ads places ads on both the Yahoo and Bing search engines.


Google+ is an excellent way to promote your content. Posting it in communities often results in a number of new visitor to the Web Passive Income Blog


Promoting your website on Facebook can drive a significant amount of targeted visitors to your website. The only drawback of using Facebook is that depending on the overall topic of your website there may be restriction what you may promote and how you may promote your content.


I have a twitter account where I list and tweet my posts, comment etc. To be honest I have found Twitter not very useful.

Creating Articles

The Best Spinner

I don’t want to get an argument about the use of spinners. The reality is that it is impossible for me to generate multiple unique articles to submit to different article sites. I need some help – besides it still is my own content and I make sure that the spun articles is at an acceptable quality and does not represent garble.

Ecommerce Platforms

There are numerous Ecommerce Platforms available on the market. Below I have listed my favourites.


Volusion is a value for money Online Ecommerce Platform which all the bells and whistles you need to run a successful online shop front.


Shopify is also an awesome Online Ecommerce Platform to market and sell online products.

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